AI powered automation tools for VFX production.
Spend more time on creative work, leave routine and temp work to machines.
Every movie released nowadays is made with the use of visual effects(VFX).
The most successful movies employ stunning VFX which would be impossible without numerous teams of highly trained expensive professionals. Conceptualizing, planning and delivering VFX takes long time and a large portion of a movie budget.
Compositing for post-production includes a considerable amount of work with low quality requirements, the results of which never end up on a movie theater screen. Instead, they facilitate the following:

  • Temp delivery, Director screening,
  • Internal needs for backplates for Maya, Max, Houdini etc.,
  • Quick slap comps on chromakey based material,
  • Previsualization, Postviz, etc.
Our mission is to help VFX companies significantly reduce the time and cost during the initial stage of post-production.
We are doing close to impossible. What used to take long hours is now taking seconds. What required a large team of specialists and cost a lot of money is now being done with a push of a button.

At we learn from humans through collaboration and shared experience. We then train AI to create new technologies revolutionizing VFX industry.
Our Tools
V Alpha Predict
Machine learning based automatic keyer for Nuke.
V Alpha Train
Create custom models for V_Alpha_Predict based on our algorithm to get better results for your projects. Easy to train easy to predict.
V Marker
Automatic marker removal tool for Nuke.
V Detector
This tool will have 3 tools including V_Marker
How it works
Our prices
We offer Cloud and On-premise solutions.
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